African Union steps up bid to eradicate disease

Representative in the African Union in the last session. [File]

The African Union InterAfrica Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR) has launched a new effort to eradicate the ruminant des petits from the continent.

AU-IBAR AG. Director Dr Nick Nwankpa said the viral disease, which is contagious as well as trans-border, is harming the livelihoods of millions of cattle ranchers across the continent and is a major threat to food security.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), it is estimated that viral diseases cause economic losses of up to $2.1 billion (Sh240 billion) in areas where it is endemic, putting more than 300 million families at risk. who are dependent on livestock. major source of livelihood.

Areas affected by PPR include; Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe where almost livestock population of 1.7 billion, about 80 percent of the global livestock population.

Addressing a meeting to validate the Pan-African PPR Control and Eradication Program 2022-2026 at the AU-IBAR offices in Nairobi, Dr Nawankapa said, the Pest des petits ruminants are now endemic almost throughout Africa hence efforts To overcome the deadly disease of animals, there is a need to increase it.

AU-IBAR will celebrate its 70th anniversary in Nairobi tomorrow.

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