Alexander Novak meets with Iranian Petroleum Minister Javad Owji

Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak held talks with Minister of
Petroleum of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Co-Chairman of the
Russian-Iranian Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation, Javad Owji.

During the talks, the officials discussed plans for cooperation between
the two oil-producing countries on the world market and possible joint projects
in Iran.

Russian-Iranian cooperation is multifaceted, and contacts between the
countries are maintained both at the level of various departments and the heads
of state – a meeting between the leaders of Russia and Iran took place in
mid-January of this year, Alexander Novak noted.

“On the eve of our meeting, the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Iran
held productive talks. The results will be of great significance for the entire
range of bilateral relations between the countries. The mutual desire of the
parties to bring relations to a new level was confirmed. For Russia, it is
important that Tehran is ready to develop cooperation with Russia, despite the
anti-Russia restrictions of the West,” Alexander Novak added.

The Deputy Prime Minister noted the important role of the fuel and
energy sector, which occupies one of the central places in business relations
between the countries.

“The implementation of planned joint projects in the fuel and energy
sector will create a basis for the further development of related industries
and areas of cooperation. A significant contribution to this is made by
cooperation in multilateral formats – as part of the OPEC+ agreement and the Gas
Exporting Countries Forum. Of course, the emerging tense geopolitical situation
will have consequences, but I would like to stress that Russia is committed to
fulfilling its contractual obligations to its partners, and energy supplies
from Russia will remain stable,” Alexander Novak said.

Iran is ready to support Russia and develop cooperation more actively,
Iranian Petroleum Minister Javad Owji said in turn. “Russia was at our side
when we were sanctioned, so today we consider it our duty to be at Russia’s
side in these difficult conditions and provide assistance,” he assured.

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