Canberra’s crew get acquainted with landing craft

As HMAS Canberra sailed the waters around Hawaii, the ship conducted docking operations which provided an opportunity for some of the crew to familiarise themselves with the landing craft embarked.

Embarking in the landing helicopter dock’s landing craft (LLC), the crew took time to appreciate the capability of their Amphibious Assault Ship as they sailed out from her during Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2022.

Maritime Personnel Operator Able Seaman Madison Rankin enjoyed her first time at both RIMPAC and in an LLC.

“It was great to jump on the boat today, I’ve never been in an LLC so it’s nice to experience it during RIMPAC,” Able Seaman Rankin said.

“It’s also really good to see what other rates do, we are so focused on our own jobs and what we do each day that it’s good to see our shipmates performing their roles.”

Canberra has the capacity for four LLCs which can assist in large scale humanitarian assistance and disaster relief tasks.

The craft also have the ability to project embarked personnel, vehicles and aircraft ashore in support of joint exercises.

For the ship’s company though, this particular ride was an opportunity to have a familiarisation in an LLC and a break from their day-to-day responsibilities.

Maritime Personnel Operator Able Seaman Amy Pellow enjoyed the experience with her colleague Able Seaman Rankin and said that her first RIMPAC had been a great experience.

“The boat ride was fun and just nice to get out in the sunshine and do something different for a while,” Able Seaman Pellow said.

Executive Officer Commander Iain Hutchins also took the opportunity and agreed with the sentiments that it’s good for other members to gain an appreciation for the LLCs and the roles performed by their crew.

“This has given us all an appreciation of what our amphibious team does, the challenges they face operating these craft in the elements and the responsibilities that come with it during exercises and operations,” Commander Hutchins said.

“It’s also good to look back at Canberra and gain some perspective of her size and her operational capabilities, all the while acting as our own safe haven.”

Ship’s company of HMAS Canberra enjoy a tour on board a landing helicopter dock landing craft as the ship conducts Exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2022. Photo: Leading Seaman Matthew Lyall

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