Ethiopia Parliament votes to remove Tigray People’s Liberation Front from terrorist list

Ethiopia’s House of Representatives voted on Wednesday to remove the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) from the country’s list of terrorist organizations. in a facebook Post, the House declared that the measure was necessary “to bring about lasting peace on the basis of a peace settlement”. The bill was passed with an overwhelming majority.

the vote comes after november 2022 Settlement An end to the two-year war was negotiated by the African Union that killed thousands and displaced millions. Additionally, the war combined with disruption of the global food supply due to the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed hundreds of thousands into a state of famine.

recently Investigation The US State Department found all parties involved in the war responsible for war crimes. The crimes committed included attacks on unarmed civilians and blocking of humanitarian supplies to those in need. In addition, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (HRW) accused Ethiopian government of ethnic cleansing in Tigray region. HRW compared the Tigrayan ethnic cleansing to the Darfur cleansing at the beginning of the century.

The removal of TPLF’s name from the terrorist list is seen as a positive step towards strengthening the peace process. However, there are many obstacles in the way of reconciliation.

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