‘G20 success belongs to India, not an individual or party’: PM Modi in Lok Sabha – Link Newspaper

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday credited the success of G20 Summit to the entire nation, saying the success is not of one person alone or a political party.

“Today, you have unanimously appreciated the success of G20…I express my gratitude to you. G20’s success is that of 140 crore citizens of the country. It is India’s success, not that of an individual or a party…It is a matter for all of us to celebrate”, the prime minister said during his address to the Lok Sabha on the first day of special session of parliament.

“India’s power ensured consensus on G20 declaration”, the PM told the Lok Sabha, also recalling the inclusion of African Union as the permanent member of the power bloc.

“India will be proud that when it was the president (of the G20), the African Union became its member. I cannot forget the emotional moment that when the announcement was made, African Union President said that perhaps he will break down while speaking. You can imagine the fortune India had the fortune to fulfill such a huge hopes and expectations”, Modi said.

“It is India’s strength that it (unanimous Declaration) became possible…Under your chairmanship the P20 – Summit of G20 Parliament Speakers – you announced, will have our full support”, he added.

During his address, the prime minister also hailed Chandrayaan 3’s successful landing on the moon. “Today, the achievements of all Indians are being discussed everywhere. This is the result of our united efforts during the 75 years of the history of our Parliament. The success of Chandrayaan-3 has not only made India but the world proud”, Modi said.

” This has highlighted a new form of India’s strength which is connected to technology, science, potential of our scientists and the strength of the 140 crore people in the country. Today, I again want to congratulate our scientists”, he added.

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