Ghassan Charbel – Ukraine and Sudan and the Benefits of Chinese Medicine

From Ukraine to Sudan, the world is sick and needs a doctor who can’t be found.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky weighs his options and reaches the same conclusion. Fate has assigned him a semi-suicide mission. He never thought he would become a general in a war that is producing rivers of coffins and millions of refugees and displaced persons. He never predicted that misfortune would bring him face to face with veteran professional fighter Vladimir Putin in a bloody showdown.

Zelensky is constantly being asked about new counterattacks. But such an operation demands massive sacrifices and ammunition. Yes, the United States and NATO have been generous to him, but these veins that flow his army with weapons may dry up.

He is well aware that it is impossible to expel Russian troops from all Ukrainian territories. The master of the Kremlin cannot return home after losing in Ukraine. Defeat could lead to the breakup of the Russian Federation, as happened with the Soviet Union. He is well aware that the Russian military will destroy the rest of Ukraine if they sense defeat.

The world is sick and the doctor is missing. Antonio Guterres is on the verge of closing his clinic. They have surrendered in the face of their inability to provide treatment and demanded renewal of the grain deal while handing over blankets and tents.

The United Nations is one of the most prominent casualties of the Ukraine war. It was wounded by a permanent member of the Security Council, just as it was wounded by the US invasion of Iraq two decades earlier. When the major powers are involved in war, they leave the United Nations with no role other than funerals and counting bandages.

Russia is in no way bothered by what its military is doing in Ukraine. It is mobilizing its people to make sacrifices in a “national holy war”. Guterres did not dare to remind Sergei Lavrov of the basics of dance in the Security Council chamber.

America is also not such a doctor who can be summoned. This is a clear side in the war. If it were not for its generous support, Ukraine would have succumbed to Russia in the first few weeks of the war. America cannot and does not want to go so far as to deal Russia a crushing defeat.

Moscow is making a veiled nuclear threat to remind America of the dormant devils in its arsenal. Continued American generosity simply means that the war will continue and Russia will be prevented from declaring victory by delivering a knockout blow. The continuation of the war exposes Ukraine to death in all its forms, such as the death of the state, the people and the economy.

The European Union is also no doctor. It may have jumped to Ukraine’s aid, but the war exposed how fragile it is and how meager its means are compared to America’s.

Zelensky is considering his options. No one survived except the Chinese doctor. The Ukrainian President is aware of Chinese traditional medicine such as acupuncture and herbal remedies. The philosophy is based on balance and harmony within the patient and with their surroundings. The success of treatment depends on the accurate diagnosis of the patient and their cooperation with the remedy.

With the current state of affairs, treatment should target both Kiev and Moscow. Herbs are not enough to rein in Putin’s ambitions.

Chinese doctor. Zelensky thought of Xi Jinping. US President Joe Biden is in the eye of the storm and Donald Trump is vowing to defeat him in the upcoming elections. The whole of America is now in the grip of elections.

Putin is caught up in the war and wants to use it to elevate his position in history so that he can face his predecessor, Joseph Stalin, with his head held high. Zelensky himself cannot go down in history as the man who emerged from under the rubble to sign the annexation of certain regions of his country.

In all likelihood, the solution requires surgery that goes beyond acupuncture pricks and a mix of herbal remedies. Xi opened a small window for Zelensky. It is a portal that must be crossed. China did not condemn the Russian aggression. It only talked about peace and respect for the sovereignty of nations. He has no interest in a Russian defeat, which would only deepen the crisis with Taiwan, which Mao’s successors seek to reclaim through the pinprick of a small needle rather than an all-out war.

In Sudan, the country is sick and the doctor is missing. The Arab League is not a doctor, even if its intentions are good. The same goes for the African Union. Russia is not an acceptable or trustworthy doctor. The only cure for this for the African fisher is a bitter medicine called Wagner.

The Kremlin chef’s concoctions pose all the hazards: weapons, mercenaries, mines and blows below the belt. It is not easy for Lavrov to declare that Sudan has the right to turn to Wagner who is stationed in several African countries and is eyeing its mines and minerals. Wagner is also expelling French and Western influence from Africa. Turning to it would immediately antagonize the US. Guterres is helpless in both Ukraine and Sudan.

The war in Sudan raises important issues and poses a risk to neighboring countries and the vital Red Sea waterway, potentially threatening the global economy, security and stability. China has over the years shown keen interest in Africa, its stability, wealth and minerals. China does not want to export any model and impose it on Africa. It wants stability that gives way to trade and ensures that interests are protected.

China is also clearly interested in the security of the Red Sea. It is no coincidence that it established its first overseas naval base in Djibouti in 2017. Djibouti occupies a strategic location on the Mandeb Strait that separates the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.

For Sudan’s Abdul Fattah al-Burhan and Mohammed Hamdan “Hemedti” Dagalo, it would be beneficial to think about turning to the Chinese doctor if he is willing to intervene. Healing through needle pricks and herbs, however bitter they may be, is better than rotting without the sight of a doctor in an open war and the Sudan has been torn apart. If Sudan sinks into a devastating civil war, no one will be able to save it, so the war must be stopped before it is too late.

Given the situation in the international arena, one must turn to Beijing, no matter how long the journey. The Chinese doctor has shown his skill in sponsoring the restoration of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran based on the principle of non-interference in other people’s affairs. This is encouraging and the Chinese doctor should be called.


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