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Accra, 23 September, GNA – In order to realize and preserve the dreams of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), the Ghana International Conference on Trade and Finance (GITFiC) took a step forward to launch a booklet on its activities Is.

book; ‘Realizing the African Economic Vision; A ‘Practical Handbook on AfCFTA’, which was launched at the Pacific Alliance Embassy in Accra, has received high patronage and will serve as a guideline for African leaders, academia, the business and finance community, and all other participants of the AfCFTA.

In his welcome address, Mr. Selassie Kofi Ekom, CEO, GITFiC, said that it took a lot of work with consultation, in-depth analysis and references to come out with the final product.

“This journey began for us when we held the 3rd Conference at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa in 2019 and were able to engage a number of stakeholders at the 3rd Conference from all four corners of the continent, including; Minister of Finance, UNECA, Trade and Development Bank in Kenya. ECOWAS Bank in Lomé, Afraxim Bank in Egypt, Minister of Trade, Finance and Trade Specialist, Agriculture, Aviation et al”.

He said that in 2020, they would bring chief business negotiators, deans of major universities and senior media men and women from Africa back to Accra to advance negotiations on the AfCFTA, when Accra was officially declared the commercial capital.

“Well, because Accra hosts the AfCFTA Secretariat and has a rich history of colonial and present, cross-border trade origins and being the first country in Africa to gain independence south of the Sahara.

He said that in 2021 he brought monetary and financial magnates from Africa’s central banks to key stakeholders to discuss the Pan African Payment and Settlement System and its regulatory antecedents, where President Akufo-Addo delivered the keynote address through Vice President Mahamadu Bavumiya Gave.

He noted that sections of the survey report revealed that literature on the AfCFTA was missing and, despite the public’s gross interest in the subject matter, there was almost nothing concrete to read further in a simplified form.

Mr Ekom said the book was inspired by all heads of state on the African continent and the arrival of the AfCFTA has garnered substantial interest and instilled a renewed sense of optimism and conviction that seeks to elevate Africa into the league of global business superpowers .

He said that with the help of state agencies, continental institutions and corporate Africa at large, the book is expected to reach every academic campus on the continent.

“This book is large leaflet and devoid of material. The main objective here is to encourage and attract reading. Although the book has 10 chapters; These 10 chapters give a complete understanding of the AfCFTA and its functional implementation structures and practically expose the reader to opportunities within the AfCFTA.

“The book contains illustrations, information-graphics and photographs to spice up the reading and give a pictorial meaning to the context and content and is currently in two languages; English and French and the African Union in a message sent to us on September 7, 2022, recommends immediate attention to translate the book into all languages ​​recognized by the Union. These languages ​​include; Arabic, Kiswahili, Portuguese and Spanish.

He said there are plans to translate it into Spanish, Arabic and Portuguese.

He commended Ambassador Albert Muchanga, Mr. Nyme-Bafi, Mr. Bernard Afreh, Mr. Sornam Akpelu and many other key business negotiators who contributed to the insightful book in a variety of ways.

Colombian Ambassador Madame Claudia Turbe Quintero, on behalf of the Pacific Alliance embassies made up of Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile, said the book’s release was an opportunity for the alliance to work hand-in-hand with the AfCFTA.

She said they are building an internal integration and will extend it to Ghana and the AfCFTA, adding that “we want to move closer to Africa.”

Mr. Bernard Afreh, Lead Consultant, GITFiC, said that the launch of AfCFTA and the book will enhance Africa’s business and economy over the next years and improve the lives of over 1.5 billion people.

He appealed to the financial institutions and the commercial and business communities to make good use of the literature contained in the book.

Other speakers at the event included Mr. Sonam Akpelu, Greater Accra Regional President of the Ghana Industries Association, Mr. Joe Gharte and Ambassador Albert Muchanga, former Member of Parliament for Asikao-Ketan in the Western Region.

Over 6000 copies of the book, with a street cover price of GHS 100, were sold at launch.

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