India to be USD 5 trillion economy by end of 2025: Amit Shah at investors summit

Union home minister and minister of cooperation, Amit Shah addressed the concluding session of Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit – 2023 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Saturday. Many dignitaries including chief minister of Uttarakhand Pushkar Singh Dhami were present on this occasion.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah addresses the concluding session of Uttarakhand Global Investors Summit 2023, in Dehradun on Saturday.

In his address, Amit Shah said that in the programme with MoUs worth 3.5 lakh crore is the beginning of exploring the infinite possibilities for the new Uttarakhand. He said that now Uttarakhand will become a strong example for the world to connect with the industry in an eco-friendly manner. Shah said that prime minister Narendra Modi believes that the third decade of the 21st century will be the decade of Uttarakhand. He said that Uttarakhand is a place where divine power exists with development and CM Pushkar Singh Dhami has combined performance with it.

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Shah said that due to the able leadership of Pushkar Singh Dhami, 41 labourers trapped in the tunnel could be rescued safely. He said that the entire nation was worried and he himself was closely keeping a close watch on the entire incident and the PM Modi himself was monitoring it. He said that along with boosting the morale of the trapped labourers, Dhami carried out the entire rescue operation very well and also addressed the people of Uttarakhand several times from there. Shah said that there was an amazing peace and confidence on Dhami’s face, which is a big trait of leadership.

Amit Shah said that the purpose behind the establishment of Uttarakhand by former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee was that Uttarakhand was deprived of the development in such a big state of Uttar Pradesh. He said that today after a journey of two decades, we can say that Atal Bihari Vajpayee had created Uttarakhand, PM Modi has transformed Uttarakhand and now under his leadership, the state is moving forward.

Shah said that MoUs worth 3.5 lakh crore were signed during the two-day Global Investors Summit and many new beginnings have also been made in the state opening up endless possibilities. He said that under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi, India has progressed in every field in the last 10 years. He said that the reasons behind this progress are the visionary leadership of PM Modi and his ability to follow up till the end. Shah said that due to both these factors, today, the whole world is looking towards India with great hope and PM Modi has set the target before us that India should become fully developed nation and first in every field by 2047. He said that Modi has kept all possibilities open for the youth of India to achieve this goal. He said that now the time has come for India to move ahead in the world. He said that under the leadership of Modi, India will become a 5 trillion dollar economy by the end of 2025. In the 75 years of India’s independence, our economy has never taken such a big leap forward, like it has between 2014 and 2023.

Amit Shah said that under the leadership of PM Modi, India is leading the climate change movement today, trying to boost the GDP of the entire world through Make in India and also leading the cause of making a terror-free world. He said that due to the visionary leadership of Modi, many multidimensional changes have taken place in India. Shah added that the Delhi Declaration during the G20 meeting is going to take India to new heights in the field of diplomacy which will be remembered for decades. He said that by making African Union a member, India has automatically become leader of the underdeveloped nations, that is the kind of visionary leadership has been shown by Narendra Modi.

The home minister said that the Modi government has brought 13.5 crore people out of poverty, succeeded in doubling India’s per capita income and brought the agricultural growth rate from minus 3 percent to 4.46 percent in the last 10 years. He said that in 2014 there were only 4 unicorn startups in India and today 110 Indian startups are included in the Unicorn Club and the youth of India have made India proud in the world. Shah said that the highest ever FDI of $84.8 billion came in 2022. He said that under the leadership of Modi, the changes which have taken place in the last 10 years are a reflection of the confidence of 140 crore Indians. He said that under the leadership of Modi, work has been done simultaneously in both heritage and technology sectors in the country and many changes have also taken place in the administration. He said that in the last 10 years, the country has witnessed political stability, corruption-free governance, public welfare policies, investment-friendly agenda and peaceful environment.

Amit Shah said that Atal had formed Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh to speed up development and today the whole world is witnessing its results. He said that Uttarakhand has progressed the most under the leadership of PM Modi and CM Pushkar Singh Dhami. He added that Uttarakhand has made progress in every field, be it taking new initiatives, stopping migration from border villages, providing smooth transportation and facilities for yatra, creating infrastructure or making investment friendly policy, Uttarakhand has become a policy-driven state by making more than 30 policies over a period of 6 years.

Amit Shah said that Uttarakhand has corruption-free governance which is very important for investment. He said that today under the leadership of PM Modi, the development has come at the grassroots level with transparency in many states. He said that Modi has taken strong steps against corruption and made it certain that no corrupt person will be spared. Shah said that there are immense possibilities in every field in Uttarakhand. He said that Uttarakhand is the most peaceful and safe state in the entire country. He said that Uttarakhand has endless possibilities in the fields of tourism, services, MSME, logistics, customized packages, IT and AYUSH.

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