International partners urge Somalia for progress in elections

Progress in Somalia’s elections represents unstoppable momentum to complete the process too soon, the country’s international partners said on Tuesday.

In a joint statement, partners including the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), and more than 20 countries noted that 91 percent of Lok Sabha seats have now been elected.

He urged the State of Hirschbele and the State of Jubaland, which have yet to complete the electoral process for the House of the People, to do so.

“As the focus now shifts to organizing parliament in Mogadishu – and electing parliamentary speakers and then the national speaker – we call on Somalia’s political leaders to ensure that this process reflects broad consensus,” the statement said. I was read in

Somalia’s elections, which were initially due a year ago, have been riddled with delays amid disagreements between the president and prime minister over squabbles and infighting.

In late February, the United States government imposed visa restrictions on Somali officials and individuals after a further delay in parliamentary elections that were accused of “undermining the democratic process in Somalia”.

Pressure has been high on the country’s leaders to resolve their disagreements through negotiations to allow elections to give way to a unified national government.

According to international partners, once the election is complete, leaders can “then address other urgent national priorities, such as responding to a devastating drought and building Somalia’s security and prosperity for years to come.”

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