Kiir-Riek meeting did not end in deadlock – Lilly Adhieu – Eye Radio

Author: Chani Ninru | Published: 4 hours ago

Press Secretary in the Office of the President, Lily Martin Maniel reacts to the Sentry report – Credit: Musa Awan / I Radio March 1, 2023

The President’s Press Secretary says that the meeting between President Salva Kiir and First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar on Friday did not end without success, as reported by some media outlets.

Kiir and Machar held the meeting, which had previously been postponed twice, to discuss the dismissal of Angelina Teny and the swapping of the Defense and Interior ministries between the SPLM and the SPLM-IO.

The meeting was also attended by Kiir and Machar’s motorcade, including Presidential Advisor Tut Galuak, Minister of Petroleum Puot Kang Chol, and Minister of Presidential Affairs Dr. Marial Benjamin, among others.

Dr. Mariel said the two leaders “had frank discussions in a friendly atmosphere, reflecting the spirit of reconciliation, prosperity and commitment to the peace settlement.”

In a press statement on Saturday, Lili Edu Martin Meniel stressed that although there was no consensus, the consensus between the parties at a later date was a positive commitment “to resolve issues in a spirit of cooperation”.

“Therefore, any attempt to portray this as an impasse threatens to jeopardize the spirit of the meeting,” Lilly said in a statement.

“Furthermore, given the keen public interest in the outcome of yesterday’s meeting, it is important that our duty to inform should not be overtaken by the urge to sensationalize issues of national importance.”

The officer further reprimanded “Media professionals, Specifically, the media staff in the Office of the First Vice President Be conscious of your responsibilities towards peace and stability in our country.

President Kiir fired Defense Minister Angelina Teny and Interior Minister Mahmoud Solomon last week via republican decree read out on national television SSBC.

The President changed two ministries, the SPLM party to the Ministry of Defense and the SPLM-IO to the Ministry of the Interior through a similar presidential decree.

However, the SPLM-IO has opposed the move saying it was not consulted.

Machar meets peace guarantors

Meanwhile, First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar met representatives of the RJMEC, IGAD, the African Union and the United Nations at his residence on Saturday, according to his office.

The meeting reportedly discussed ministerial changes, which the main opposition party claims are one-sided.

“Representatives of regional and international bodies discussed…..recently unilaterally issued the Republican Decree on the Relief of the Minister of Defense and Veterans Affairs and ordered the swapping of the relevant ministry with the Ministry of the Interior. “

IGAD’s Special Envoy for South Sudan, Dr. Ismail Vais, urged the peace parties to work together in a “spirit of collegial cooperation”.

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