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Malawi has received a combined relief of $14.2 million (about K14 billion) in climate insurance payments from the African Risk Capability (ARC) group.

Speaking while receiving payments at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe yesterday, President Lazarus Chakwera said that Malawi’s crops that did not perform well due to natural disasters that struck the country during the agricultural season would be supported.

He said: “When I went on a crop inspection tour across the country and assured Malawians that there was enough food for everyone in the country and that even those who didn’t have a good crop would be provided .

Chakwera (L) and Maruping (R) during symbolic
presentation of check

“My confidence comes from the fact that we took out this insurance policy to support Malawians in this time of need.”

Chakwera further assured that the money would reach the desired people and would not go through corruption.

“No dollar of this payment for those vulnerable will be lost to corruption, and none of Malawi’s laws will be violated in its administration.”

In his remarks, Agriculture Deputy Minister Madalitso Wirima Kambowa agreed that the payment would provide significant support for targeted food and cash aid to those affected by the drought.

He said the country has experienced prolonged droughts over the past 10 years, leading to food insecurity in many households with crops damaged, scorched or completely damaged.

On his part, ARC Group board chairman Mothe Anthony Maruping said he was optimistic the payments would provide relief to vulnerable people.

He said, “Such payments enable countries to provide immediate relief after disasters to ensure that people, especially after disasters such as drought, floods or any other type of disaster caused by extreme weather Do not harm vulnerable groups.”

Germany is one of the biggest donors to the ARC, and German Ambassador Ralf Timmermann pledged continued support to Malawi in mitigating the disaster impacts of global climate change.

Malawi is a signatory to the ARC Treaty established by African Risk Capability, a specialized agency of the African Union, intended to help AU member states improve their ability to plan, prepare for and respond to extreme weather events Is.

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