Nzimande dismisses student body’s allegations of incompetence in department

Higher Education Minister Bled Nijimande on Wednesday dismissed the claims of the South African Students’ Union.State Agricultural Universities) that there is a “permanent paralysis” in the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Sauce released a tart Statement Last week, the department criticized Najimande’s leadership.

The organization claimed that the department was full of inefficiency and impunity, and accused Nazimande of turning a blind eye to the students’ issues.

“Under the alleged leadership of Minister Bled Nzimande, the union is dismayed by the state of permanent paralysis in the Higher Education Department.

“The reality is that, for the most part, the department is on autopilot, pulling in different directions, without coordination with higher educational institutions,” said Asiv Dalanjwa, national spokesman for Sauce.

‘strongly disagree’

In Statement On Wednesday, Nzimande hit back at Sauce, saying he completely disagreed with the union’s criticism of his department.

“I would like to strongly disagree and reject the statement of the South African Union of Students which insists that there is a permanent paralysis in the Department of Higher Education and Training.

“Were it not for the active engagement on the part of our department with all the stakeholders in the field (workers, staff, management and student representative structures), we would not have been able to complete the last two academic years working in very difficult conditions. would have been,” Nazimande said.

The minister defended his department’s track record during the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that at the height of the lockdown in 2020, it continued to ensure that the National Student Financial Assistance Scheme (NSA)NSFAS) stipends to its recipients.

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They said they were able to set up COVID Grants to manage learning and teaching, involving mobile operators to provide data and Wi-Fi services, as well as with universities and colleges to more than 80% of students. Worked to provide laptop.

“Indeed, we as a department are proud to have kept our school education and training system running through this activism and dynamic interactions with stakeholders.

“We would like to thank all our stakeholders and their representative organizations for this collaboration and working together.”

Nazimande assured all the students that his department put their interests first.

He said he continued to engage with organizations like Sauce on the state of readiness for the start of the 2022 academic year.

“If there are issues of sauce on any matter affecting students within universities, there are both institutional and ministerial and department-led forums to discuss all issues of concern, as in fact since the beginning of the year. is happening.”

appeal for peace

Najimande appealed to the stakeholders to maintain peace in all institutions of higher education and work together to ensure a smooth start to the academic year.

“Where there are disputes and grievances, structures exist to include student representative councils and institutional management.

“I urge that student leaders and institutional management use these mechanisms to resolve problems amicably.”

compiled by thapelo lecabe

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