President Ruto spells out agenda for Africa

Africa is seeking two permanent seats on the UN Security Council as it calls for reforms of the body to transform it from an exclusive club of five permanent members into a more representative global council that serves the interests of the whole world.

Africa’s strong position was presented by President William Ruto, who chairs the Committee of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change (CAHOSCC), when he addressed the third Pan-African Parliamentary Summit on Climate Policy and Justice in Midrand, Johannesburg where he said that although the United Nations is an important forum for conducting global affairs in diplomacy, peace, security and trade, Africa still finds itself left out of the current configuration of the United Nations, which is almost one after the other. was established eighty years ago. world War.

The President also revealed that in order to engage in meaningful discussions with global partners, African leaders have resolved to review the Partnership Summit by external parties with a view to providing an effective framework for the African Union partnership. “We will no longer accept invitations of more than 50 heads of state and government to a summit where they are given less than two minutes to speak, paraded around for a photo opportunity and then return empty-handed. “

Ruto told the delegates that it was time for Africa to be bold, strong and determined to meet the challenges facing the continent with greater unity and commitment. “It is time to expand the Pan-African dream of our forefathers into a brave new world to give the people of Africa and our future generations a better, more secure and prosperous Africa that plays its own role and plays a full role in global affairs.” contributes in some way.”

Commenting on the climate change debate, the Head of State said that the single most important priority commitment that will propel the continent to lasting security, lasting stability and shared prosperity is an opportunistic focus on climate action. “Our continent’s abundant natural resources, vast endowments of untapped green renewable energy and young demographic profile are absolutely fundamental elements needed to mitigate and then reverse climate change while driving a new green industrial revolution.”

He said the only way for the world to achieve the net-zero target by 2050 is for countries that are currently net negative, such as most of Africa, to be on track to meet the 2050 target. According to him, the most obvious path forward is for global industrial production capacity to be transferred to Africa to meet Africa’s and the world’s growing demand for goods and services in a green way that will allow the continent to leapfrog onto the industrial development path of the global north. Will also enable ,

“An African green industrial capacity would not only meet global demand, but also decarbonize global production, thereby achieving humanity’s most ambitious climate goal.”

President Ruto said the current generation of African leaders has a historic mandate to retire the prudential profile of the continent, which has often focused on challenges and difficulties, branding Africa as chronically subjugated, perpetually vulnerable and permanently inefficient. as depicted. “We have an opportunity to empower and organize our people to drive change, attract investment and inspire partnerships and collaborations around the world.”

Members of the Pan-African Parliament were urged to play a leading role as they represent the voice of Africans on all issues affecting the region and every sphere of individual and collective endeavour.

The continental chairman of the Committee of Heads of State and Government on Climate Change says he is concerned about mainstream approaches that often see prosperity as incompatible with environmental sustainability and relegate Africa to the fringes of the global agenda .

He accused many of Africa’s partners of avoiding the dialogue, making it difficult and inconvenient, and explicitly and implicitly encouraged Africa to focus on tackling the consequences of climate change because it is believed to be a global threat. Only other people in the north have the ability to solve it. Global problem of this nature and magnitude. “This unjust dynamic is unnecessary and unfair, and only holds us back from fulfilling our potential”.


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