Putin-Linked Mercenary Group Planning To Kill Chad President: US

America has warned Russian mercenaries were plotting to kill piece of paper The President and his three senior aides.

What happened: Huge desert country Chad is latest flashpoint amid refueling tension between Russia and West in Africa.

washington issued a warning that Chadian rebels gathering in nearby Central African countries are being supported by the Russian president Vladimir Putin,

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US official on condition of anonymity Said The New York Times said the assassination plot in Chad represented “a new chapter” in efforts involving Putin. Wagner Group to advance Moscow’s interests in Africa,

Moscow, at the same time, is lobbying Chad’s ruling elite, including ministers and half-brothers of the president, the report said.

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken It also warned during a trip to Niger last week, “Where Wagner has been present, bad things inevitably follow.”

Blinken’s trip to the Sahel region was the fourth trip by a senior American figure to Africa as of this year Washington eyes strengthening its ties with the continent. The US leader has also pledged $150 million in aid to the Sahel.

last September, Mackie Sal, The president of the African Union told the United Nations General Assembly that “Africa suffers greatly from the burden of history.”

“It doesn’t want to be a breeding ground for a new Cold War,” he said.

Russia – Africa’s biggest arms supplier – has been linked to the Soviet era. However, in recent years, Putin’s Wagner mercenaries — including men from Russia, Syria, Serbia and Lebanon — are starting to appear in some of Africa’s most troubled corners.

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