Russia and Belarus to create a research centre in the EAEU

An agreement on science and education was signed in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko as part of events under Russia’s EAEU Chairmanship.

To promote cooperation between the EAEU countries in science
and higher education, the following institutions concluded a four-party agreement
on creating a centre of competences in the selection and genetics of agricultural
plants and animals: Peter the Great Voronezh State Agrarian University, Gorin Belgorod
State Agrarian University, Trubilin Kuban State Agrarian University and Orders
of the October Revolution and Red Banner of Labour Belarusian State
Agricultural Academy. The agreement was signed by the Rector of Voronezh University
Alexander Agibalov, First Pro-Rector of Belgorod University Alexander
Prostenko, Pro-Rector of Academics at Kuban University Alexei Petukh, and
Rector of Belarusian State
Agricultural Academy Vitaly Velikanov.

The agreement will make it possible to draft and implement
joint education programmes for secondary vocational education, higher education
and additional vocational education. The academic mobility of students, teachers
and professors will be guaranteed. To take part in international competitions and
compete for grants, the sides agreed to fulfil joint research, scientific-technological
and experimental work and develop joint projects.

In addition, Innopolis University, an autonomous non-profit
institution of higher education, and the United Institute of Informatics at the
Belarusian National Academy of Science signed a memorandum of understanding,
which was signed by Innopolis Acting Rector Iskander Bariyev and the institute’s
General Director Sergei Kruglikov.

The agreement provides for the exchange of experience
and the launching of joint research in various IT areas, which will facilitate
the consolidation of ties between both countries’ scientific communities. 

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