Russia-Ukraine War: Implications for Africa


  • The Russia–Ukraine war significantly affects Africa in human security, geoeconomics, energy and politics, disrupting global energy markets and potentially affecting African economies.
  • African attitudes differ based on historical ties, economic interests, and geopolitical alliances, resulting in varied support for Russia or Ukraine, neutrality, or alignment with a particular side.
  • Conflicts with emerging powers such as China and India challenging Western dominance in trade, investment and security have prompted changes in global governance.
  • As Africa prepares to become a key region for future great-power competition, countries can benefit from developing closer ties with each other to promote regional integration, cooperation and stability.
  • African countries must carefully balance national and regional interests with competing global powers, develop foreign policies that focus on short-term and long-term strategic goals while navigating the complex landscape of great-power competition and developing governance structures. Consider.

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