Sajia Khand 30.1 is now online

Sajia Clause 30.1 Covers a range of diverse topics, including an open access article by Mazukisei Kubo and Mazumo Mezies, which explores geopolitics, technological wars and global supply chains and their implications for Africa. Another article by Jo-Ansi van Wyk looks at the diplomacy of normalization between South Africa and Rwanda. Other articles focus on the development path of mediation support structures in Africa, the African Agency and Chinese debt negotiations, Nigeria’s economic ties with China, and the voices of female defectors linked to Al Shabaab in Somalia. This issue also includes a review essay by Alan Hirsch and four book reviews looking at migration and Africa.

research articles

African Agency, Kovid-19 and debt renegotiation with China

by Mandira Bagwandeen, Christopher Adegu and Oscar M. Otelle

Geopolitics, technology warfare and global supply chains: implications for Africa

by Mzukisi Qobo and Mjumo Mezes

Diplomacy of Normalization: The Case of South Africa and Rwanda

by Jo-Ansi van Wyk

Listening to female defectors from Al Shabaab: Strengthening gender-sensitive disinformation efforts in Somalia

By Ardian Shajkovci, Rukaya Abdirahman, Amanda Gary, Allison McDowell-Smith, and Mohamed Ahmed

Development Path of Arbitration Support Structures in AU, ECOWAS, IGAD and SADC

by Michael Abbey and Jamie Pring

The Limits of Mutual Benefit: A Neo-Commercial Perspective on China’s Economic Relations with Nigeria

by Tola Amuson and Philip Nel

book review essay

Migration and Africa – What do four recent books shed on migration in Africa?

by Alan Hirsch

book reviews

Presidents: From Mandela to Ramaphosa, Leadership in an Age of Crisis by Richard Calland and Mabel Sithole

Reviewed by Christopher Williams

overlapping regional organizations in South America and Africa; coexistence through political crisis by Clarissa Correa Neto Ribeiro

Reviewed by Daniel Bach

State Behavior and the International Criminal Court: Between Cooperation and Resistance by Franziska Boehme

Reviewed by Maxine Rubin

The Islamic State in Africa: The Emergence, Evolution, and Future of the Next Jihadist Battlefield by J Warner, R Cummings and R O’Farrell

Reviewed by Sven Botha

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