Sison reiterates US support for Moroccan autonomy plan as realistic solution to Sahara dispute –

US Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations Michelle Sisson on Wednesday reiterated support for the Moroccan autonomy plan as a serious, credible and realistic solution to the Sahara dispute.

“The United States considers the autonomy plan presented by Morocco to be serious, credible and realistic,” Sison said during a press briefing after his talks with Nasser Bourita, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad in Rabat.

As a reminder, in December 2020, Washington declared that the proposal for autonomy in the Sahara is “serious, credible and realistic”, calling it “the only basis for a just and lasting solution” to the dispute over the Moroccan Sahara.

The US presidential proclamation recognizing Morocco’s full sovereignty over the Sahara, meanwhile, was distributed to the 193 UN member states, as an official document of the Security Council in the six official languages ​​of the UN.

The meeting also focused on the United States’ continued support to Staffan de Mistura as the UN Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy for the Sahara.

In addition, Michel Sison welcomed the positive and productive discussions he had with Minister Nasser Bourita regarding the commitment of Morocco and the United States to maintaining peace and security.

In this context, Ms. Sisson said that the US “highly appreciates the role of His Majesty King Mohammed VI in supporting peace and security in the Middle East and North Africa and around the world.

The US diplomat thus emphasized how much the Biden administration appreciates the Kingdom’s contribution to UN peacekeeping operations around the world.

Furthermore, at least 21 UN agencies are located in Morocco, which in itself indicates the Kingdom’s essential role as a regional leader and its commitment to multilateral diplomacy.

Recalling the King’s leadership in promoting peace and security in North Africa and the Middle East, and the essential role played by the Kingdom in UN peacekeeping missions around the world, is part of the US position reiterated by the US official. A historic partnership that has been steadily consolidated in various fields.

The two countries have maintained relations since the United States’ declaration of independence in 1776.

This position, which is characterized by honesty and mutual respect, contrasts with the fluctuating nature of relations with France, which have had difficulty shedding the patronizing aspects of a bygone colonial era.

The centuries-old relationship between the United States and Morocco is not limited to invoking the past, but goes far beyond it, leveraging historical constructs to open up new and mutually beneficial approaches Unlike those who exploit history to maintain hegemony and a Geo-strategic rent that has no place anymore.

In its wake, the European and especially French response is giving way to a strengthening and diversification of partnerships with traditional allies, especially the United States.

France is unhappy with its downgrading inherent in the new dynamics of the Moroccan-American partnership in the wake of the Abraham Accords.

The continuation of American friendship towards the Kingdom is thus consolidated by the recognition by the Moroccan leadership of the United States as a pole of peace and stability in the world.

The director general of the International Organization for Migration, Amy Pope, who is part of the delegation, and through her the Biden administration’s introduction, is a recognition of the king’s central role designed by his African peers as leader. African Union on Migration Issues.

It is also a recognition of the humanitarian approach at the heart of the National Immigration and Asylum Strategy launched by the Sovereign.

Michelle Sisson’s visit to the Kingdom is part of an old friendship that has never wavered and reminds us that the two countries have always been on the same side of history, be it during World War II, the Cold War, fighting terrorism against the crisis or promoting peace and security in the Middle East.

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