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The African continent is heavily un­derdeveloped at the present time.

This unpleasant situation cannot be disputed by any African who is awake and observant.

The African continent is presently besieged with the powerful force of neoco­lonialism, which must be uprooted by all concerned Af­ricans, who have the African continent at heart.

That the African continent is characterised with problems of instability, chaos and turbu­lence; and cannot experience a smooth accelerated devel­opmental pace in spite of the fact that, the continent is the greatest endowed with natural resources in the world for a speedy developmental process, is something that beats ratio­nal thinking and reasoning.

This seemingly perennial problem that is evident in dif­ferent parts of the continent poses a very big challenge to all incumbent and prospective upcoming African leaders today.

In my honest opinion, the fight against the evil force of neocolonialism, which I believe is subtly behind Africa’s inability to experience an accelerated developmental pace, cannot be undertaken by a single African leader or a country alone, but by strongly united African leaders and their countries’ people

This is the stark truth for the fight against the evil force of neocolonialism which is presently afflicting Africans, and causing havoc like a deadly virus and rendering and tearing apart the African con­tinent in disorder and chaos and turmoil!

And Africans cannot see their way clearly in their gen­uine efforts to develop their highly endowed continent, owing to this powerful evil force of neocolonialism.

Unless Africans come together, strongly united, eschewing self-centeredness and eschewing inordinate ambitions by some selfish my­opic individuals, the African continent will remain heavily underdeveloped to the full advantage of their former European colonisers, who are milking the African continent for their continual advance­ment and prosperity!

The African continent is like a she-cow to former Euro­pean colonizers who will not risk the total non interference on the African continent for Africans to manage their own affairs, for fear that they will jeopardize their continual ad­vancement and prosperity!

The first president of Ghana, the star of Africa, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkru­mah of blessed memory, fore­saw this evil force of neoco­lonialism visiting the African continent at the present time to divide Africans; and warned his fellow African leaders during his lifetime against this evil force in his landmark book “Neocolonialism” and advocated for a united conti­nental African government!

Unfortunately, his fellow African leaders ignored him; and suspected him of inordi­nate ambition to lead this kind of government!

What a disaster by Nk­rumah’s myopic colleague leaders who could not foresee clearly as Nkrumah did.

And present day African leaders are paying the dear price for the stupidity of their predecessors.

After playing a major role in sabotaging Nkrumah’s genuine efforts to unite Africa for a speedy development of the African continent, and contributing to his downfall, the same Europeans through the medium of the British Broadcasting Corporation, quite recently, voted Nkrumah as the greatest African of the millennium. What a hypocrisy at its highest level!

These are the same Europe­ans who are presently sowing seeds of discords among Africans to keep them dis­united and in disarray through the subtle and evil force of neocolonialism so that Europeans will continue to exploit Africans after granting African countries political independence to benefit they Europeans.

This is what this evil force of neocolonialism is doing now to wreck Africa and prevent them from developing their continent which is far far naturally endowed than Europe!

In my opinion, I exhort present day incumbent and prospective aspiring African leaders to read at least two of Nkrumah’s landmark books titled “Africa Must Unite”, and “Neocolonialism” on Afri­ca’s destiny; and try as much as possible to practicalise Nkrumah’s ideas and glorious vision for Africa, so that the African continent will be com­pletely free from European influence and exploitation.

This situation will definitely annihilate the powerful nega­tive force of neocolonialism; and make Africans completely free to manage their own affairs and to develop their naturally rich endowed conti­nent!

The quest for a continental African government must begin now for an accelerated development of the African continent which is presently heavily underdeveloped, as a result of the powerful nega­tive force of neocolonialism activities.

In conclusion, I state cat­egorically that Africa must unite now and come under one umbrella of a continen­tal government as President Nkrumah the President of Ghana advocated for, many years ago. The African Union must praticalize this noble and great idea of President Nkru­mah now!

This is the panacea for Af­rica’s present fruitless strug­gles and efforts; and lack of any meaningful and realistic achievement in development of the African continent at the present time.


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