The presidents of seven African countries will visit Kyiv and St. Petersburg

Next week, the presidents of seven African countries will visit Kiev and St. Petersburg. He will meet Zelensky on June 16 and Putin on June 17.

NGO has given this information Brazzaville Foundationthat promotes travel.

The country will host the President of South Africa, Cyril RamaphosaLeader of the Comoros Islands and President of the African Union, Azali AsumaniPresident of the Republic of the Congo dennis sasso-ngesoPresident of Uganda, Yoweri MuseveniPresident of Senegal, Massey Sallaand the President of Zambia Hakandi Hichilemu.

french merchant Jean-Yves Olivier acts as a moderator In an African diplomatic mission that seeks to help end the Russian-Ukrainian War.

  • A delegation of six African leaders plans to hold talks in Kiev and Moscow “Start a Peace Process”, She plans to discuss how to get Russia to pay for the fertilizers Africa needs under sanctions, as well as how to facilitate the transit of agricultural products from Ukraine. In addition, African leaders will discuss the subject of prisoner exchanges.
  • In mid-May, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa launched a “peace initiative” to help end the war in Ukraine. For this he suggested forming an African delegation and going to Kiev and Moscow. Office of the President of Ukraine confirmed that Zelensky welcomed such peace initiative, ready to receive African leaders and tell them about his peace formula.
  • Turkish President Recep Erdogan announced this on 17 May The “Grain Agreement” was extended for two months., This will allow in the future to export agricultural products from Ukrainian ports. At the same time, Russia is demanding that the West ease sanctions on Russian food and fertilizers.

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