The Proxy War In Sudan

by Kazeem Akintunde

“All countries have the sovereign right to decide which other countries
to partner with, but these choices certainly have consequences.” –
John Godfrey – America’s first envoy to Sudan after 25 years

Make no mistake about it, the ongoing war in Sudan is beyond two
The generals are fighting for control of the soul of an East African nation. In
The truth is that if precautions are not taken, the Sudan crisis could turn into another crisis.
long war In fact, Khartoum has inadvertently become
The second stage of the war in Ukraine. like the conflict in Ukraine, powerful
The nations of the world have chosen yet another venue for their ongoing war.

Russia and the United States are the real drummers behind
Two generals vowing to neutralize each other in Sudan.
It is unfortunate that an African country has been dragged into this
unnecessary war. As far as international politics is concerned many of them knew
as far back as February this year that when something’s got to give
Sudanese leaders agreed with Russian President Vladimir Putin
Revalidate Russia’s deal with Sudan’s former leader Omar
Hassan al-Bashir to establish a naval base in Port Sudan, a
Major port in the country. Sudan signed an agreement in 2017
allowing Moscow to build a base capable of hosting nuclear-powered
ships during the government of former President al-Bashir, who were
ousted from power in 2019

Under the agreement, Russia will lease this site for 25 years and can take
extend the deal for another 10 years, giving it access to the Red Sea
Hot water and the international trade chokepoint of Bab el-Mandeb.

Concerned at the turn of events in the country, the United States
America, which has no diplomatic relations with the Sahel country
At that time, quickly established one and John Godfrey became its emissary.
Sudan. part of his job was to talk to the Sudanese government
about the implications of going ahead with the 2017 agreement with
and he informed the Sudanese authority of the intention of the United States
From the word go. He was not comfortable with Russian influence
Sudan and warned against restarting the 2017 accord
Establishment of a Russian naval base at Port Sudan.
Indeed, Godfrey told Al-Tayar, a newspaper in Khartoum, in February
that “it is necessary to say that the international isolation around Russia and
President (Vladimir) Putin is currently on the rise due to … invasion
of Ukraine”. He also added that “if the government of Sudan
decides to proceed with the installation of this facility, or to
Re-negotiate it, it will be detrimental to the interest of Sudan”.
But a few days later his admonition in the form of Mohammed fell on deaf ears
Hamdan Dagalo, Vice President of the Sovereign Council of Sudan,
And a week by one of the generals routing for power in Sudan
Russia tour. Dagalo, also known as Hemedti, said at the time
there was no obstacle to setting up a Russian military base in
country if it would benefit the interests of Sudan, a remark that
Brought immediate condemnation from America.
“We have 730 km on the Red Sea. Suppose someone wants to set up a country
is a military base, and we have common interests with it, and it’s not
There is a threat to our national security, in that case, we have no problem in dealing
With Russia or others, ”Hemedti said.

Hemedti controls approximately 100,000 men of the Rapid Support Force.
Which is the main paramilitary group in Sudan. during
He was the leader of Sudan’s Darfur conflict in the early 2000s.
Sudan’s infamous Janjawi army trapped in human rights
Violation and Torture. An international outcry saw Bashir
formalize the group into paramilitary forces known as Seema
intelligence units. In 2007, its troops became part of the country
intelligence services and, in 2013, Bashir created the RSF, a
The paramilitary group overseen by him and led by Dagalo, (Hemedti).
Daglo turned against Bashir in 2019, but not against his army
Shots fired at anti-Bashir, pro-democracy protest in Khartoum
At least 118 people died. He was later appointed deputy
Transitional Sovereign Council that ruled in partnership with Sudan
civic leadership. Hemedti has immense export wealth
Gold from illegal mines and order for fight of lakhs-
Tough Giants. He resents his long term in his post as official deputy
On the ruling council of Sudan.
In no time, the Russians forced their way into the heart of Dagalo
through the Wanger Group, who provided training and refined
weapons to his group. Rapid Support Force on the other hand,
opened up the country’s gold mine region to both the Russians and
The parties earn millions of dollars from the extraction of Sudan’s resources.
The second phase in the ongoing Sudanese crisis, and the Sudanese military
The leader, also believed to be General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan
supported by Russia, before international pressure, especially from
US forced him to publicly deny the presence of Russian
mercenary group Wagner, in Sudan. Burhan is originally from Sudan
Leader. Burhan belonged to the army at the time of the fall of Bashir.
Inspector General. Their careers have run almost parallel courses
Dagalo’s He rose to prominence in the 2000s for his role in
dark days of the Darfur conflict, where these two men are believed to have
have come into contact with before. Al-Burhan and Dagalo both confirmed
his rise to power by siding with the Gulf powerhouses and

Russia. He commanded different battalions of the Sudanese Army,
who were sent to serve with the Saudi-led coalition forces in Yemen.
Now, they find themselves locked in a power struggle with each
General supported by foreign powers.
They also disagreed on the direction in which the country should go. Whereas
al-Burhan has promised a return to civilian rule, Hemedti is against it
Hasty handing over of civic authorities is another bone of contention
Plans to induct the 100,000-strong RSF into the army, who else
Then will lead the new force.
But both Russia and Russia have a role at the heart of the Sudanese crisis
USA playing under the surface. they have taken sides
conflict and the consequences of, according to the words of John Godfrey
The Sudanese leader’s romance with Russia is in front of everyone. As
expected, no interest in calling the international community
two generals to give orders, but how to get their men and other foreign
Civilians out of firing line.
As expected, reports from Khartoum over the past few days showed a
Devastating picture: People are trapped inside, horrified
dwindling supplies of food, water, medicines and fuel, health services
are close to collapse and many hospitals are being used by armed groups.
Across the country, there have been reports of armed clashes; People
have fled their homes in the Blue Nile and North Kordofan states and
Across Darfur, with refugees and returnees arriving in Chad,
Egypt, and South Sudan. power struggle is lighting a fuse that can
Making an already disastrous humanitarian situation even worse in the Sahel
Worse, pushing development back decades.
Joyce Masuya, Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and
UN Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator stressed
that the humanitarian crisis is fast turning into a disaster
So far more than 460 people have been killed, more than 3,700 injured and more
In addition to several reports of forced closure of more than 20 hospitals
sexual and gender-based violence, aid workers were beaten and

have been held at gunpoint in the form of warehouses, offices and vehicles
attacked, robbed or seized.
As Sudan borders seven countries, all of which have either
has been involved in conflict or seen serious civil unrest in the past decade
Gateway to the Sahel, where insecurity and political instability
making an already disastrous humanitarian situation even worse.
Throughout the region, poverty and hunger are rampant, the climate
emergency, the global cost of living crisis, and rising levels of debt are
taking a terrible toll, and in some places, humanitarian aid is all
To keep away the famine. power struggle in Sudan is putting not only
That country’s future is in danger, but lighting a fuse that could explode the whole country
The limitations caused immense pain over the years.
Nigeria and other countries are in a race against time to get their
citizens out of the country. There are already about 5,500 Nigerians living
have indicated their intention to leave the country and the federal
The government has started the process of evicting them
Country. sending aircraft into the country due to the nature of the conflict
Evacuation of our citizens has been refused because the airports are not secure
and road options to Egypt are now being coordinated by the committee
set up for that purpose.
In all this, the African Union appears helpless and unable to call
Fighting generals to give orders. the international community is not
So much more than just getting its employees out of harm’s way in Sudan. Two
Generals have vowed to fight to the last man regardless
The devastation that the country and millions of its citizens would have to suffer.
Already, Chad, South Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are experiencing
Inflow of refugees from Sudan.
Many women now live without light, food, water and medicine
And children are now vulnerable in this unnecessary war. with Russia and
The United States is indirectly involved in the Sudan war, the level of devastation that
Will definitely be on the higher side as refined

War machines will be provided to the fighters. the level of
the devastation that will be seen and the human suffering that will be
Coming to terms with this would be a catastrophe for an African country. who will
Save Sudan from a proxy war on its soil?
see you next week.
Addendum: We’ll continue with our X-ray of the eight-year regime
President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration that we started last
week, in the coming week.

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