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The United Nations chief issued a statement on Wednesday welcoming the transition to the new African Union (au) mission in SomaliaPledge the organization’s “unwavering commitment” to the country, mission, and Somali In their ongoing fight against the security forces Al Shabaab extremist.

in statement issued by Spokesman, Secretary General Antonio Guterres Urges all partners to “ensure immediate, sustainable and predictable funding” for the recently established African Union Transition Mission Somalia (ATMIS), and Relief Fund Somali Security forces in support of the country’s security transformation.

The statement said the UN chief “looks forward to working closely with” African Unionfederal government Somalia and to support a phased transfer of security responsibilities to all partners Somali security forces.”

Praise for Prior Mission

Additionally, the Secretary-General paid tribute to the “significant achievements” of African Union mission in Somalia (AMISOM) over the past 15 years, which the new mission replaces in accordance with the AU’s decision of peace and security Council,

He also expressed his gratitude to AMISOM contingent and police contributing countries for their commitment to advancing peace in Somalia.

Mr. Guterres Honored all soldiers who served in the defense of peace and security in Somalia and who “pay the ultimate sacrifice”.

Access to healthcare ‘alarmingly low’: UN expert

After a six-day visit to the country, Independent UN expert on the human rights situation in SomaliaAccording to a press release issued by the United Nations Human Rights Office, Isha Dieffen on Tuesday urged the government to reform health services. OHCHR,

Acknowledging the steps taken by authorities and humanitarian partners to implement the emergency response and preparedness plan and to provide food, water and other essentials to displaced populations in Baidoa and elsewhere, he said journalist in mogadishu On Saturday that “access to health care in the country is dangerously low.”

“There is only one government hospital in the capital, mogadishuAnd people often have to seek health services in a private health facility and pay a huge amount out of their own pocket for their own treatment,” the UN expert said.

Healthcare for all pleas

Ms Diephan called on the international community to ensure access to drinking water, sanitation facilities, housing, health care and education as well as other basic social services for all children.

He also urged the government to increase funding for its health system and learn from it. COVID-19 pandemic, to expand the delivery of public health services.

“Only a few people can afford these services, leading to high child and maternal mortality rates,” the UN expert said.

protect children, journalists

The rights expert drew attention to forced and child marriages, calling on authorities to end them.

Turning to the arbitrary arrest and detention of journalists by security personnel across the country, Ms Diephan expressed her concern and reiterated the importance of respecting the right to freedom of expression and opinion.

except to meet state Officials, representatives of humanitarian organizations and civil society, independent experts hold discussions with AMISOM, United Nations Assistance Mission Somalia ,UNSOM) and United Nations agencies, funds and programmes.

UN based in Geneva. Independent experts are appointed by human rights council To check and report back on a specific human rights topic or situation in the country. The posts are honorary and experts are not paid for their work.

meeting United Nations News for more information.

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