UNGA77: Sudan calls for more multilateral action to address global challenges

1 Abdel-Fattah Abdelrahman al-Burhan, President of the Transitional Government Sudanhas called for more multilateral action to find lasting solutions to global challenges.

2 Al-Burhan, who made the call to address world leaders at the 77th session of the UN General Assembly on Thursday in New York, said such action would help mitigate the global crisis.

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3 He said it would reduce the dire consequences for people around the world, especially in countries most affected by conflict and the least developed countries.

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4 On recent political developments in Sudan, they reiterated their commitment to a peaceful transition to the establishment of genuine democracy, including fair, free and transparent elections at the end of the transition period, to establish civil rule representing all Sudanese peoples. Can go

5 The Sudanese president shared that starting in July, his country’s military had been asked to withdraw from talks to resolve the ongoing political crisis following last year’s coup, allowing revolutionary political forces to form a civilian government. Permission granted.

6 It would be a government that would be independent and would implement the rest of the requests in the transition period.

7 He reiterated his commitment to cooperate with Sudan Unitums In line with the United Nations Charter and its mandate set by the Security Council and in line with the list of requests Sudan submitted to the United Nations to promote the transition.

8 He said that cooperation will continue Unisfa,

9 President al-Burhan said: “We have provided all necessary assistance to promote national understanding” AU-IGAD-UNitams The tripartite system, this mechanism has done a lot of work, but has not yet achieved what it needed.

10 “This has further complicated the debate on national consensus.

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He highlighted how the signing of the Juba Peace Accord reduced conflict in Darfur and provided some stability and security to the region.

12 The rate of voluntary return of displaced people in Darfur has also increased.

13 The Sudanese leader called on the international community to help and support rights under the Juba peace deal.

14 President Al-Burhan stressed how Sudan is striving to improve security, development and peace in the Africa region South Sudan, Somaliademocratic republic Congo ,DRC), And piece of paper among other countries.

15 He said that Sudan was the coordinator for reaching a peace deal with the African Union Central African Republic,

16 Sudan is also working with stakeholders to maintain security Libya,

17 “We are also fighting against organized crime.

18 “Sudan is leaving no stone unturned to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals as we remain convinced of the importance of the outcome document and the Sustainable Development Agenda for 2030.”
In this regard, the Sudanese official pointed to the adoption of the “Strategic Document for Poverty Reduction for the Period 2021 to 2023” by the Transitional Government.

19 On external debt, al-Burhan said external debt is “a stumbling block” for his country and limits his efforts to achieve economic and social development.

20 It also hinders the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

21 He said that Sudan had qualified to take advantage of Heavy Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) The initiative, “appealing to the international community and fraternity and friendly countries to fulfill their commitments at the Paris and Berlin meetings, noting that Sudan has completed all legislation necessary to benefit from debt relief.”

With regard to the four million refugees in Sudan, al-Burhan called for greater international support to address the situation of refugees and local communities. hosting them.

He concluded by highlighting another priority for Sudan: the need to control the proliferation of small arms and light weapons.

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